The European Innovation Council (EIC) Pathfinder program is an initiative aimed at supporting the most innovative and promising scientific ideas in Europe. It focuses on providing funding to researchers and innovators in frontier research areas, with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration and high-risk, high-reward projects. If you are considering applying for the EIC Pathfinder program, here is what you can expect as part of the process.

  1. A focus on frontier research
    The EIC Pathfinder program is aimed at supporting breakthrough scientific research projects that have the potential to generate significant social and economic impacts. It is not limited to any specific research field, and interdisciplinary collaboration is encouraged. Therefore, it is essential to have a well-defined research proposal that outlines the objectives, methodology, and expected outcomes of the project.
  2. A two-stage application process
    The application process for the EIC Pathfinder program is divided into two stages. In the first stage, applicants submit a short proposal that outlines the main research objectives, methodology, and expected outcomes. If the proposal is successful, the applicant is invited to submit a full proposal in the second stage. The full proposal requires a more detailed description of the research project, including a budget and a timeline.
  3. Evaluation by expert panels
    All proposals submitted to the EIC Pathfinder program are evaluated by expert panels composed of experienced researchers and innovators. The evaluation process is rigorous and competitive, with a focus on the scientific quality, novelty, and impact of the proposed research project. Therefore, it is crucial to have a well-prepared proposal that effectively communicates the value and potential impact of the research project.
  4. Funding and support for successful projects
    If your proposal is successful, you will receive funding and support for your research project. The amount of funding depends on the specific research project, but it typically ranges from €1 million to €4 million. The funding is intended to cover the costs of the research project, including salaries, equipment, and other expenses. Additionally, successful projects may receive additional support, such as networking opportunities, mentoring, and training.

Altera and the EIC Pathfinder

Altera can provide valuable assistance to your consortium in the application for the EIC Pathfinder program. Our expertise can help you to identify and highlight your unique selling points, develop a robust research proposal, and prepare a compelling pitch to the evaluators. Here are some ways in which our innovation consulting can help:

  1. Developing a clear research proposal:
    We help consortiums to develop a clear and compelling research proposal that outlines the main research objectives, methodology, and expected outcomes. A well-defined research proposal helps you to stand out from other applicants and increase your chances of success.
  2. Preparing a robust budget and timeline:
    We work with consortiums to develop a robust budget and timeline that outlines the financial and time resources needed for the research project. Our team of experts can help you to identify potential challenges and develop contingency plans to mitigate risks. A well-crafted budget and timeline will demonstrate to the evaluators that your consortium has a solid understanding of the research project and a clear plan for success.
  3. Creating a compelling pitch:
    We can help you to create a compelling pitch that highlights the key aspects of your research project in a concise and engaging way. Our team can assist you in crafting a pitch that effectively communicates the value of your research project and the potential impact it could have in the market. A well-prepared pitch is critical in convincing the evaluators of your consortium’s potential.
  4. Providing guidance throughout the application process:
    Our team of experts can guide you through the entire application process, providing feedback and support every step of the way. We can help you to identify potential weaknesses in your application and provide suggestions for improvement. Our goal is to help you to present the best version of your consortium to the evaluators

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