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At Altera, we are committed to helping researchers turn their innovative ideas into reality

Public and private funding can be a crucial component in the development of a new innovation. Our consultancy has experience in identifying funding opportunities and can help researchers secure the funding they need to bring their innovation to market.

We understand that bringing an innovation to market can be a daunting task. Altera has experience in working with early stage deep tech commercialization plans that take into account the unique challenges of the research environment. We can help researchers identify potential opportunities and create a business model that works for their innovation.

Creating a spinoff can be an effective way to commercialize an innovation. Altera can help researchers create a spinoff company by developing a business plan, identifying funding opportunities, and providing guidance on legal and financial matters.

We can help researchers connect with other startups and corporates in their ecosystem. We can facilitate introductions and help researchers form partnerships that can help bring their innovation to market.

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